Operation Moonrise: Phase 4 update

Hey Moonies, The Me here, I was very impressed by the immediate turnout after my last call for survey responses. You guys are awesome! I just wanted to let you know how the numbers are standing now and where we still need help.

The US has a healthy 584 responses; The UK is squeaking by our minimum goal with 103; Australia and New Zealand could still use some help with 67 and 65 respectively; but Canada.. you guys still need a significant boost, you’re only at 224. D:

So, we’re calling on all of our Canadian readers to get anyone you know who hasn’t already taken our survey to go do so and get that number up above 300, even 350 if you can manage, and I know you can!

We’re doing our best on staff to get this accomplished. We all want to see Canada be represented to its fullest extent. It might surprise you to know that out of our five regular staff members, I’m the only non-Canadian of the group. It makes me feel a little like the outcast sometimes, which actually reminds me of a funny story involving two…

*Ahem* If I may interject my Right Hand Man’s post to speak to all my fellow Canuckian Moonies…

*Summons a one hundred member string orchestra to play O Canada*

Canadians, do you remember a time when you would come home from school and Sailor Moon would be waiting for you on YTV? Do you remember every canceled play date, music lesson, or that time you put off homework just to see what perils faced our Sailor “Scouts” that day?

Did you enjoy a can of Heinz Sailor Moon pasta when you would watch Sailor Moon after school?

Do you remember the excitement you used to feel when a VA would appear on the Zone even for only a few minutes to talk about Sailor Moon? How you would leap every time out of your seats every time they would perform one of their character’s most infamous lines in the flesh?

Or the times when you were just learning how to use the internet and you would visit Roland Parliament’s VoiceStars.net to learn more about your favorite character’s voice? Or later, that wonderful time when there was that “Sweet as Sugar” VA on the Zone all the time?

Did you go out and make your mom make you a Sailor Moon costume the moment Wal Mart started stocking those patterns from McCall’s? How many of you would shout MOON PRISM POWER instead of TRICK OR TREAT when you were out on Halloween night?

What about all those glorious Irwin Toys that did not make sense half the time (The Moon Cycle? What the kay cee ewe eff was that?) ? Those beautiful displays and posters at every toy store made every Canadian kid feel like it was Christmas every day?

Yes, there was one thing that united all of these things together, and that was that they were all made in Canada. Canadian voice actors are an endangered species these days when it comes to anime, but back in the day Sailor Moon helped put voice acting in Canada on the map!

Canadian Moonies, if you want to relive these moments and share them with a new generation of Sailor Moon fans, don’t forget that we are trying to bring the very last season back home where it belongs. Just because every other cartoon gets an ending doesn’t mean Sailor Moon gets the shaft! Get involved with Operation Moonrise Phase 4 today, and let’s tell the companies that Canada is not just a speck on the map of Sailor Moon. Canada made that show happen, and we can’t let anyone forget about that!

*Sailordees Away*

… and so it turns out that Hockey is the one sport I can actually stand in large doses. I guess I have more in common than I thought. Anyway, come on all you Canuck Moonies, let’s show them that you care deeply about Sailor Moon and want it back!

3 Responses to “Operation Moonrise: Phase 4 update”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, did anyone use those Sailor Moon notebooks that Mead made for school? I couldn't use them cuz my school already issued their own. 🙁

  2. Emily Says:

    My sister had a Sailor Moon notebook. I have it in a drawer next to my desk now 🙂

    I still have a bunch of the sticker cards, posters, dolls, a backpack, etc. too

  3. Usagi Says:

    I am Canadian 🙂 and i already did the survey when it first came out i did for all of them. If i could do it a million times and it would count i would. I do remember some of that stuff you sad but not all 🙁 because sadly i was around 4 years old when sailor moon came out but stange enough i remember watching it and getting the toys and halloween costume 😉 i still have a poster, video tapes, and some toys XD i love the show more then any other anime i have watched i even got a notebook which i have used everypage of and the cover got ripped off 🙁 but i still have it together and taped up 😀 COME ON CANADA DO THE SURVEY i really want the star season in a english dub that would be awesome 🙂

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