Operation Moonrise – Moonie Merchandise Matters Phase 4 Update

Greetings moonies! We really apologize for the shutdown of the kwiksurveys server over the last week that put a halt to our fourth version of the merchandise survey. The website breakdown completely caught the staff at Moon Chase off guard, and it has been very tough trying to get a hold of their technical support staff – while the problem was being fixed, some of our e-mails went completely unanswered. Also, please note that we were not the only website affected by the shutdown over the last week, and that some of the other websites affected have had a similar experience with the kwiksurveys staff.

We lost quite a few surveys as a result of the shutdown, plus it’s hard to find any patterns with the information that was saved – the lost surveys were completely at random. So whether or not you have taken the survey before the kwiksurveys crash, could you please take it again? We especially need comments on the last two t-shirts (Q and R) that were released – their release was the primary reason we decided on a fourth version of the survey, and they will need fair representation on our final report to the merchandising companies involved.

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