Operation Moonrise Manga Results

In light of the recent announcement from Kodansha USA, we would like to share the results from the manga portion of Operation Moonrise. We think fans will find the totals very interesting to compare with the announcement!

Question: Which Manga would you like to see published?

  • A reprint of the original Sailor Moon manga translated by Tokyopop – 157 (30.08%)
  • A retranslation of the original Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga – 310 (59.39%)
  • A translation of the updated Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga –457 (87.55%)
  • A translation of Codename wa Sailor V –452 (86.59%)
  • I am also interested in reading Sailor Moon Novelizations published in the past by Smile/Tokyopop – 112 (21.46%)

The total number of respondents was 522 for this survey. This question was multiple choice, with respondents permitted to check off as many options as they liked.

And a graph of the results:
We are glad to see, upon consulting our survey results, that the recent announcement reflects what the fans have been asking for. We also hope our readers will enjoy being able to purchase the new graphic novels starting in September!

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