Operation Moonrise Phase 6: The Deadline is Upon Us!

Hey Moonies: the time has come for the final crunch for our final survey has come! Currently we are sitting at over 1000 surveys. We have decided to set the final deadline for this phase – fans will have until late Friday night/Saturday Morning at midnight to get their surveys in. We have gotten a lot of really great comments on this survey, and some fans have even gone so far to comment on the quality of currently existing fansubs of the anime, PGSM, and Sera My (some even name the groups involved). If a fan is not satisfied with these fansubs, please say so because it is a good thing for the companies involved to know what is out there and use this information in further negotiations about the series. So for those of you who have yet to take the survey, now is your final chance! Click here to go directly to the survey, and here to go to the post about it.

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  1. SailorSagittarius Says:

    I have already filled out the surveys but would like to go into more detail. I don’t support fansubs often & would prefer a licensed professional translator. Also, please please have the subtitle font color Yellow by default because unless the subtitles appear on the Black bar in widescreen format, White color is difficult to see depending on the background colors. Give the DVDs & Bluray the widescreen, uncensored with remastered video & surround sound audio treatment. As much as I like the English dubbs, I didn’t like the fact there were inconsistent voice casts over the series. I’d like to hear an all new voice cast who can commit throughout the entire series including the theatrically released films & Specials.

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