Opera on the Rocks Sings Again!

For those of our Moonies who are in the Toronto area this coming July, we highly recommend you catch Liza Balkan’s (Sailor Mercury #2) directorial masterpiece, Opera on the Rocks. We first brought you the news of this play last December, but here’s a refresher. This isn’t your ordinary opera, where you sit in your Sunday best in a large theater hall where Opera singers sing in languages barely understood in huge dresses. Opera on the Rocks takes place in a bar, and the singers sit amongst the patrons, singing songs about love, loss, hockey, and karaoke! Think this is innovative? Well, it gets better. It features the musical performance of David Ogborn, using an electronically modified guitar which he plays with a lot of unusual accessories, including kitchen knives. The show features librettists Leanna Brodie, Dave Carley, Lisa Codrington and Krista Dalby. The four opera singers featured in this show are among Canada’s top talents: Neil Aronoff, Neema Bickersteth, Jessica Lloyd and Keith Klassen. The initial run of the show last January sold out, and is now in full run, part of the Toronto Fringe Festival from July 2nd-13th. The play takes place at the Pauper’s Pub, in the heart of downtown Toronto at 529 Bloor Street West! Scroll down a little at this page for show listings, and to buy tickets, click here. The show is not for our younger readers. We would have loved to have been there had any of our staff members were in Toronto, and we encourage anyone that can go, to go. Take a Sailor Mercury plushie with you just for kicks!

Special thanks to Leanna Brodie for sending us Moon Chase’s first ever press release!

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