One Fish, Two Fish, Four Fish, New Fish?

We’re very happy to see our first husband of Sailor Moon still publishing for so many weeks in a row! And apparently, there are also some new additions to the family as we learned from Togashi-san’s latest anecdote:

グッピー を 放置 して たら 倍 々に 増殖 中。分け ねば.
Guppy was left and then (exasperation) twice (repeated over and over) quickly propagated within. Divided if not

I left the guppies and then suddenly there were twice as many, and then those guppies also reproduced.  If only they didn’t divide.

That’s what you get for keeping male and female guppies together, Togashi-san!

Image from Wikimedia Commons

We have to wonder just how long these two litters took, since baby guppies take 3-4 months to mature, but a mother is fertile again only a few hours after her month long pregnancy. Either way, that’s a LOT of guppies!

We guess he must have been keeping the water just a little too warm. Togashi don’t you know you’re supposed to keep the water a little cooler when you keep males and females together?

For your viewing enjoyment, we have a highly entertaining, highly educational and highly relevant video. The commentary track was a lot of fun to listen to, enjoy!

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