North American VA Sightings June 2008!

Stephanie Beard Posts New Promo Reel!

Stephanie Beard (Rini #2) isn’t giving up her quest on achieving her dreams in Los Angeles. She has posted a new promo reel on her official MySpace showing the different characters she has played on the Zone! There’s even a Katie Griffin sighting in there for all you Sailor Mars fans! Stephanie has definitely proved she is great for all ages to enjoy and we continue to wish her the best of luck! Fans wanting to check out the reel can click here (and wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Stephanie has returned you know where).

Moon Chase Counts Down To Stephanie Morgenstern’s Big TV Debut!

Look where the poll is – we’re counting down to the premiere of Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) and her husband Mark Ellis’s brainchild, Flashpoint! The show will be running simultaneously on both CBS in the USA and CTV in Canada July 11th at 10PM EST (check your local listings). CBS has started to put together an official website for the show here, but CTV hasn’t put one up yet. We will be watching the show and keeping you updated with show summaries , but we think that this deserves a really big celebration. In the past, we have featured clips of the VAs appearances on TV shows, but for this show we will not because it is currently on the air and episodes are viewable online. We will only post if we get a clip from Stephanie or the producers themselves. We encourage all Sailor Moon fans to come together and watch this when it premieres, grab your family and friends to show Stephanie support for her new venture! In the meantime, check out this sneek peek at CBS’s site – Stephanie Morgenstern herself appears as the hostage! Flashpoint also stars Amy Jo Johnson as Julianna. Amy is probably better known among our readers as the Pink Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (don’t be afraid to admit it, you used to watch it as a kid)!
In another sighting we completely forgot to mention last time, Stephanie also appeared on Degrassi: The Next Generation in the episode right before Dennis Akayama appeared. In Death Or Glory: Part 1, she appeared as Dr. Rota, and gave Spinner the diagnosis that he was suffering from cancer. Fans can watch the episode online at CTV (in Canada) or The N (in the United States).

Toby Proctor in New Comedy!

Toby Proctor (Darien #2) plays a bouncer in Dawgs Playing Poker. This is an indie film all about a group’s escapades at night involving electrocution, bar-hopping, kidnapping, and lots of other things that make it R-rated. Dawgs has been in production since late 2006, and despite having a very low budget, was found to be highly entertaining by one blogger. The movie had its first premiere at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival last weekend. Fans can check out a trailer for the movie here! We really don’t think our younger readers should go catch this movie because of the film’s nature.

Linda Ballantyne is a Turtle and a Newscaster!

Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon #3) hasn’t been up to a whole lot as of late. She voiced a turtle named Shelley on the popular Kids WB Jr. and YTV show Will and Dewitt. Unfortunately the show was panned by viewers, mainly because the characters were based off of Procter and Gamble’s Kandoo line of soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries for kids. What we were most excited to learn about was that Linda can actually be seen in the flesh in a movie!Teddy Bear is a story of your average man who lives a secret life as a serial killer. Linda has a role playing a Newscaster in the film, and we were able to find a picture of her on the movie’s official site! Now we all know what she looks like !And we can finally tell you that she was the woman in the orange shirt and overalls in the Rubber Chicken Farmers’ short, Oh Baby! Fans can watch the short here (it’s the last one at the very bottom). Teddy Bear was on Super Channel’s schedule not too long ago, but isn’t at this moment. It may return at a later time since these movie channels are known to cycle their movies often. Click here to see a trailer!

Dennis Akayama in New Roxy Hunter TV-Movie!

This sighting is especially for our tween members! Nickelodeon’s Roxy Hunter series is going to have another TV Movie air very soon, called Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid. This one is about the young genius in pursuit of a local journalism award. She brings home a soaking wet amnesiac from a coffee shop and soon comes to the conclusion that the amnesiac is in fact, a mermaid! Dennis has a supporting role as Kyoto in this one. We were unable to find an airtime for this movie, so any fan who finds out when this movie airs, please let us know!

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    Sorry, Teddy Bear’s last air date on Super Channel was June 6.

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