NewType USA Feature on Sailor Moon, September 2003

Using timed posts to our advantage, while these next two weeks are proving to be very busy for our staff members, here comes another sighting from our vault that we thought fans might like to revisit! NewType USA featured an article about Sailor Moon in their September 2003 issue, entitled “A Pretty Soldier’s Saga”. It had a lot of reflections of the series from Kazuko Tadano (Character Designer and Animation Director), as well as a very good account of the history of the show since the beginning. This article coincided with ADV’s release of the second season subtitled and “uncut”, but makes no mention of the fact that episode #67 was left off from it! Nonetheless, wherever Gerry Poulos is now, we’d like to thank him for writing such a great article. We kinda miss this magazine too, and we wish it was still around in some form. Click the images below for larger scans – however, the magazine is larger than the scanner so some images may be cut off.

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