News From The Other Side of the Pond Returning Soon and Quickie Flashpoint News

Hello Moonies – and a Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian readers! Of course, Moon Chase doesn’t take a vacation. For those of you who are wondering, we will resume our News From The Other Side of the Pond feature, but it’s going to be split in 3. One for the Seiyuu, one for the PGSM actors, and another just for Toru Furuya. Of everyone we cover, he has been up to the most. So much that we had to give him his own update. We just learned he released a mini-album of music written for his most famous anime roles. There is a song about Tuxedo Mask. We have heard that song. We will tell you of this and much, much more in the coming days!

For anyone who wants more background on Flashpoint, it seems etalk is probably going to be doing a few special behind the scenes spots this week and next week. We encourage all our readers to watch the show – you may even see Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1)!

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