New Slayers is Really Good!

We saw the new episode of Slayers Revolution last night and it was just like nothing had changed for any of the characters. Lina was still explosive, Gourry was still an airhead, Amelia still had her long justice speeches, and Zelgadis is still always the last piece of the puzzle who can crack even the hardest of situations. Fans of the old series will not be disappointed! Every blog review we have read was positive so we think that this will be a big hit. No word yet as of this writing if Funimation has considered to pick up this series. A brief summary since we anticipate most of you will go hunting for fansubs very soon (SPOILER ALERT AFTER THE JUMP).

Congratulations to Megumi Hayashibara and Hikaru Midorikawa on their success with the return of Slayers!

So our tale begins on the high seas, and there’s these pirates that have a huge mountain of treasure on their ship. Lina crashes their celebration over their victory by casting a fireball, and along with Gourry, they move with their ship towards the pirates and kick their butts. Amelia, Zelgadis, and Wizer are on another ship, and they eventually join in the fighting. The fish-lady from seasons past has returned and tells the pirates that Lina has destroyed villages aplenty. Of course, that ticks Lina off and she blasts the ship to oblivion (no Dragon Slave T_T). Lina and Gourry feast at an Inn, and wait for Amelia and Zelgadis to arrive… along with a mysterious new character named Wizer, who is there to arrest Lina Inverse just for being herself. The gang manages to escape Wizer, but only to be confronted with a tank/turtle and an army. They are left with no choice but to fight, and at the end of the episode, the final blow is handed down by a little green monster who uses… DRAGON SLAVE?! But that’s Lina’s Attack?! Lina freaks out at the end of the episode wondering what just happened. Ahh, we can only wait and see what this new season brings! Fans can check out a fuller summary with pictures here.

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