New Season Rumor?!

We’re not getting too excited about this, but we’re a little intrigued by a message posted on 2Channel by someone named “Sage”. We are going to treat this as rumor until this is true. It is near the bottom – hit Control F and look for >>536 and you will see it! We’re posting a rough translation below, but we couldn’t verify this industry source (or Tarekomi, as the Japanese affectionately call them).

This comes from an industry Tarekomi source.
The project name “Sailor Moon X” was registered before all of this happened (Note: referring to ANIMAX broadcast).
The advertisement is scheduled to enter part way during the re-broadcasting on ANIMAX.
This was not announced now because of the Pretty Cure timeframe.

The project registered before under the name Dragon Ball MJ became Dragon Ball Kai.

We’re a little skeptical because PGSM was once rumored to be a new anime under the same name “Sailor Moon X”, and waaaaayy before that, there was a rumor of a new season under the same name. Of course, the PGSM rumor was sort of true, but there was no new anime either way. Around 2004 there was a rumor floating around of a new series called “Dragon Ball MJ” but we now know that as part of the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball, “Dragon Ball Kai” was created. As far as Pretty Cure goes, it received a lot of hype earlier this year from the sixth series (“Fresh Pretty Cure!”)premiere, and there is a sixth movie on the way in October. The papers all over Japan were hailing it as the successor to Sailor Moon as well, using tones that could have been read as driving a war between the two properties. We were all a little hurt inside reading these articles because to us fans, nothing could ever touch Sailor Moon’s special spot in our hearts! Once again, we are treating this as rumor as it is coming from 2Channel where some stuff is true, while other stuff isn’t. Could it be true? Only time will tell! Once again, this is a very exciting time to be a Sailor Moon fan!

6 Responses to “New Season Rumor?!”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I think it would be kinda hard to continue the anime, although it could be possible. I would want Naoko Takeuchi to continue the manga first.

  2. setokaiba Says:

    i hope the going to make a new season but i would have to see prof first

  3. Lucky Says:

    I would love a new season. I am sure everyone would. Maybe Sailor Sun could be introduced, or maybe at least show the wedding of Usagi and Mamo-chan (like in the manga)…

  4. sd Says:

    I would love to see a new season too. However I wish also for spin-off series featuring one of the Sailors Scouts/Senshi like Mercury, Venus, Saturn for example or having a retconning of the end of SM S, just imagine what if Hotaru wasn't shrinked as a baby at the end of SMS? Maybe they wouldn't focused a lot on Chibi-Usa and Pegasus in Super S.

  5. DecoraAi Says:

    This is very interesting but I'm kind of doubtful of the new season.

    That'd be cool if they did make a new Sailor Moon anime based on the original storyline though :3

  6. sailordees Says:

    Sometimes tips on 2channel have been found to be true in the past, but so far this one hasn't yielded anything :(.

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