New Sailor Moon Manga to be Previewed at Italian Expo!

In Lucca, Italy, there is a very interesting event happening in just a matter of days. Lucca Comics and Games is an annual expo that both functions as a pop culture convention, as well as a trade show for companies. Fans attending will get to have a small taste of what it is like to be at much bigger media market events such as MIPCOM when they go through the trade show venues! At this event, editors and publishers will be making presentations about upcoming titles and franchises. The new Sailor Moon manga will be making its debut at Lucca Comics and Games 2010 on Sunday, October 31st at 2PM at the Plaza Ducale. The “King of Sailor Moon Licensing” in Italy, Fabrizio Margaria (Program Director at Mediaset), will be on hand for the big reveal. We hope that our Italian readers will be out there in full force in their Sailor Moon cosplay to let us know how it goes! Buona fortuna Sailor Moon – all of us want to see you continue to succeed!

3 Responses to “New Sailor Moon Manga to be Previewed at Italian Expo!”

  1. Brit-chan Says:

    oh this makes me have a fan girl squee moment! AND I just finished rereading the Stars saga of the manga! This makes me feel so hopeful about the future of Sailor Moon. :3

  2. V-V-rae Says:

    YES! these are the kind of articles i like to read!

  3. Chris Says:

    These are the articles that show proof that the series is doing real well in Italy, but I still wish there was word about the show in America…

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