New Sailor Moon Costumes are on the Way!

We’d like to thank our reader Sea Sixtythousand for sharing this sighting with us! has a Sailor Moon costume, as well as a new Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask costume available for pre-order, and we have confirmed that these are official costumes produced by Leg Avenue. Our contact at Leg Avenue has also informed us that Hot Topic will not be carrying any Sailor Moon costumes this year and that these costumes will be available exclusively online through Furthermore, those of you who have asked for larger sizes are in luck this year, as Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars will be available in both regular and plus sizes! The Tuxedo Mask costume is the first we’ve heard of an official costume for men anywhere, so guys who are interested in cosplaying as their favorite male sidekick are also in luck this year! We’d like to take this time to mention that the “Anime Adult Boots” and “Anime Adult Wig” are not officially licensed Sailor Moon products. The boots are a part of Ellie Shoes’ Let’s Party line, and Ellie Shoes makes the best, long lasting, colored boots of all the costume companies in the industry. So if you are comfortable wearing stick heels, the boots are worth buying if you plan to cosplay as Sailor Moon for a while. We have been unable to confirm the manufacturer of the wig as of this writing. For those fans who are also wondering why there are costumes for Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask, but no other characters, this decision was made by We are still sorting through your responses on the costumes part of our survey (and will continue to do so when we get the last of our responses). Leg Avenue is still making the costumes, and rest assured your comments will get to them. If there are other characters you would like to see costumes of, please take our latest survey (link is in the post directly below this one).

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  1. maskedrose Says:

    Probably not much better that the Hottopic ones… although at least there is a Tuxedo Mask this time.

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