New Sailor Moon Costume on the way this Halloween!

The older generation of Sailor Moon fans will have something to be excited for this Halloween – a new Sailor Moon costume!  Anime News Network shared the news that Californian costume and lingerie maker Leg Avenue will be releasing a Sailor Moon costume this Halloween.  Leg Avenue via their website announced earlier that they were awarded the exclusive Hot Topic license for Sailor Moon.  Hot Topic posted a behind-the-scenes video of their Halloween photo shoot last Friday on their Facebook page.  Fans can catch the first glimpse of the costume at 1:57, and a better one at 2:30 (pictured).   We had been notified earlier by one of our contacts that costumes were going to be on the way (and more) around the fourth quarter of this year, so to this early was a pleasant surprise.  What do you think of the costume? How many of our readers are going to get this the moment it hits the stores?

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  1. SenshiLover14 Says:

    So…where will this costume be available, exactly? Because I am gonna need to buy one of these. As soon as possible, no questions asked.

  2. Emily Says:

    It will be available at Hot Topic. We haven’t seen a release date mentioned yet, or a list of all pieces included/available. When we find out, we’ll be sure to include the info on Moon Chase.

  3. Uvabunchies Says:

    I’m SO glad I work in a mall – I’ll be constantly checking for this costume!

  4. Uvabunchies Says:

    Actually, I even work in a halloween store and just a couple of weeks ago, I told my boss that we should get a Sailor Moon costume to sell!

  5. SailorSagittarius Says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t get or make use of it since I’m a male. >.<* You girls are lucky! Hopefully it'll be of at least good quality & the skirt is the correct length though. I've been to a lot of cons & see that most of the skirts are not true to the series but I suppose it depends on the source maker/wearer.

  6. SailorSagittarius Says:

    I apologize if I seem critical but I’m a hardcore cosplayer. I’ve been cosplaying for nearly 10 years. Cosplaying can take a lot of time, effort & money. It can be tough but rewarding work. ^_^

  7. SenshiLover14 Says:

    I just went to the Hot Topic page and found this costume under the packaged costume section. Honestly, I was actually a little let down by it…No matter, I have a Sailor Jupiter costume in my closet already(;
    Here’s a link to the costume:
    AND, I found a new Sailor Moon tee shirt! It features all of the Inner Scouts, Tuxedo Mask (mehh…) and ChibiUsa! Super excited!!!!:

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