New Sailor Moon Book from a Former DiC Entertainment Consultant in the Works

We recently received this press release about a new Sailor Moon book in the making entitled The Incredible Untold Story of Sailor Moon:

For Immediate Release, November 6th, 2014

The Incredible Untold Story of Sailor Moon will be the definitive history of the world-famous television series and manga in the United States.

The book is being written by author Theodore Jefferson, a professional journalist and former marketing consultant for DIC Entertainment.  A crowdfunding campaign for e-book and print versions reached its goal in 12 days.  It is now well on its way to funding an audiobook version.

Mr. Jefferson will bring together numerous sources, including interviews with animation industry colleagues, national correspondents, key entertainment executives and bestselling authors to paint a picture of Sailor Moon that will astonish even long-time fans of the show.

Everyone who reads The Incredible Untold Story of Sailor Moon, including Sailor Moon’s creators, will learn things about the characters they never knew before.

Sailor Moon changed the world.  This book will explain how and why.

Fans may also be interested in watching Theodore Jefferson’s promotional video about his take on the behind-the-scenes aspects of Sailor Moon‘s success:

The Indigogo crowdfunding page for the book includes some additional details:

  • Author Theodore Jefferson is a former marketing consultant for DiC Entertainment and will be writing the book with editor Larissa Kayne
  • The book will include interviews with various people who worked to bring Sailor Moon to English speaking audiences
  • Contributors to the crowdfunding effort can get their name in the book and will be able to suggest a question for interviewees
  • The crowdfunding campaign has reached the goal for a printed edition, but is still open and climbing toward the goal for an audiobook edition

Here is the proposed list of chapters for the book (this is expanding on the @sailrmoonuntold Twitter feed as more donations come in):

  • C’est La Vie is Japanese for Superhero
  • Five is a Magic Number: Nakayoshi, TV Asahi and The Golden Age
  • The Fuse is Lit: Nine Hundred Million Reasons To Read Backwards
  • Never Running from a Real Fight: The Deal
  • Grain Futures Don’t Sell Action Figures: Syndication
  • Save Our Sailors: The Internet Wars
  • Clash of the Titans: Carl Icahn Defeats the Negaverse
  • The Lewis and Clark of Anime: How a Card Game Vanquished Denmark
  • This One Goes Out To All The Ladies: Toonami and The Silver Age
  • The Wait is Over: Sailor Moon Saves the World
  • Along Came a Spider: What a Difference Forty Years Makes
  • Honors and Privileges: Italian Sports Cars and a Plush Toy Cat
  • That’s Teamwork: My Little Incredibles
  • Avenged: The Senshi Initiative
  • Forty Billion Dollar Tiara: From Princess to Empress
  • The Undiscovered Country: The Queen has Returned
  • Andy Heyward: The World of DIC
  • Al Kahn: Monster Man
  • Brad Bird: Mister Incredible

And here is an excerpt from the book:

You can also follow updates about this book via editor Larissa Kayne’s Twitter account and the @sailrmoonuntold Twitter feed.

Fans interested in this book, which will be more industry focused (and primarily US centric based on the descriptions), may also be interested in Roland Parliament’s recently published Sailor Moon Reflections which is more focused on the acting, directing, and recording aspects of the first 65 dubbed episodes of Sailor Moon. Links for purchasing Roland’s book on Amazon are in the sidebar to the right.

We will be keeping an eye on this one and let you know more details as they come in about how this book can give you a more in-depth view of Sailor Moon‘s beginnings in the US and Canada.

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