New Kotono Mitsuishi Interview And Toei Press Release!

It seems Sailor Moon’s voice is almost everywhere these days, when we still have yet to hear a peep out of Naoko Takeuchi. Kotono Mitsuishi did a shorter interview with Japanese site The Television Web, just two days ago. We were a little excited to hear about how Kotono cried when she watched the Sailor Moon R movie again after a long time – and it made me feel a little better. Nowadays, I too cry when I see Sailor Moon, but moreover because I get frustrated about all the turmoil the show has gone through. It’s gotten to the point now where the episode or movie gets put away within a few minutes. One day all the show’s woes will be over (we hope). The interview was also posted to MSN Entertainment. Here is our translation!

Interviewer: What do you think of when you look back on those times in 92′?

Kotono: There are so many memories! I had just debuted and I felt a lot of pressure, but it has passed now and it was useful! When we dubbed, I was standing in the dark and I couldn’t read the script well. I had many nightmares.

Interviewer: Some fans of the show are now mothers! Do you think that both mother and child can enjoy this too?

Kotono: Actually I promise my daughter that we will watch one episode a day, and I have watched Sailor Moon DVDs with her many times. The songs are easy to learn, and watching a strong, attractive character come out a lot makes children happy. Parents and children can sing together, and it’s also fun to talk about the characters.

Interviewer: What did it feel like to record the line “I will punish you”?

Kotono: I pulled it out from the style of the old historical dramas like Mito Komon! Like the statement “You did such a bad thing!” that a samurai would say like dishing out a dose of bad medicine. I thought that was the heart of the story and I wrestled to make that line full of that kind of spirit!

Interviewer: As for Usagi who has the strength to jump into a fight, she is pretty too, right?

Kotono: Yes, she is. Couldn’t cry or run away when she’s in the position of the heroine which is to fight, especially since the novels were also published at the same time as the show! (laughs) But I was able to relate to her because she always stood up for her friends. I don’t cry easily when I have a personal conflict, but when she was fighting, I sympathized with her naturally and cried!

Interviewer: Did you have fun playing those scenes?

Kotono: I was happy to play with the other actors and to make a fool of myself when I said “I will punish you!” I was conscious of this originality as an actor but it would be uncool and awkward to say these things like that outside!

Interviewer: What about the charm of the movies?

Kotono: “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R” was the first movie, and I have had a lot of time to reflect deeply about it. I saw it after a long time the other day, and cried through the whole story to the last scene at the end where all the Sailor Senshi sang the song. I suffered from nostalgia and the music. That production was enormous, even now if you think.

And Toei has also put out a press release announcing the DVD Boxset. It doesn’t say anything new, but it lists the release dates for all the boxsets (but they are probably subject to change a little since some of them are so far away).

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