New Commercials… With Subtitles!

We came across two new commercials today on Japanese streaming sites, and once again, we worked very hard along with one of our Moon Chase friends Aaron Maupin, to put them together! Sadly, the video quality of the original that we got this from wasn’t that great and we re-encoded everything at the highest quality we could so we didn’t lose too much more. Both of these begin with a “countdown” – 6 days before the Sailor Moon got back on the air, teasers would air with Kotono Mitsuishi recording a new voice over with a countdown by the day! The user who uploaded this cut just that part out of the teasers and made a countdown. The first one ends with a commercial we saw in the last batch, but the second one ends with a commercial we have never seen before. We hope you enjoy – and thanks again to Aaron Maupin for his help in translating! Go visit Game Socks!

Link: Second Sailor Moon ANIMAX CM with Subtitles!

Link: Third Sailor Moon ANIMAX CM with Subtitles!

Both commercials are uploaded to YouTube as well (first one and second one).

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  1. Latisha Diva Adara Says:

    hi im a big fan of sailor moon, and i'm hoping that sailor moon will return on animax asia in indonesia (cause im in indonesia), thx before ^.^ !!

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