New Buckle Down Seatbelt Belt Design!


Hi Moonies, Sailordees here! I just want to let you know I have spotted what I think (?) is a new Sailor Moon seatbelt belt design from Buckle Down. I spotted it at my local 2nd and Charles and did not see it at Hot Topic or Spencer’s. I have no idea where this can be found online and if any fans spot it elsewhere, please let us know! I am actually a fan of this design – when I was younger I really liked the neon cityscape that was used in the first opening of the series and I’m glad it has returned! I snapped a couple photos of the belt’s design up close so you can all see.

smnewbelt2014detail2design smnewbelt2014detail1buckle

On another note, I know we are behind but I am hoping to get things sorted out this Summer with some more staff. I am aware that there has been a lot happening in the last year, with new merchandise coming out in Japan as well as on this side (what do you all think of the Premium Bandai clothing? Would you like to see more “couture” Sailor Moon things on this side of the ocean? What do you think about all the Hot Topic T-shirts with singular characters that were released lately?), and finally the new series is going to make its debut this Summer. Thank you all for your patience – graduate school, travels, and a bazillion other things have left me with little time for much else. I want to also thank Emily and Moon-Cookie for having held up the fort amazingly well in my absence :).

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