New Anecdote from Yoshihiro Togashi Has Fans Worried

In yesterday’s issue of Jump Magazine, Yoshihiro Togashi posted this anecdote:

“I started Dragon Quest IX. I am trying to decide if I should continue playing as my character or restart and change its class and hair.”

Why are fans all worried about this? Dragon Quest IX is one of the most popular RPG’s in Japan and is highly addictive (characteristic of any Square Enix game for that matter). Fans fear that this will be the reason he stops drawing manga again! For proof, we’ve got the scan below from the Table of Contents. For more fan and press freak out, click here and here. We don’t think this is going to be a problem, because either one of a few things will happen to bring him away from his Nintendo DS. Either his son will want to play it, he will get stuck in the game and put it down for a bit to rethink a strategy, or he will get bored with it. Or, Naoko Takeuchi will need someone to watch the new baby as she goes out to run errands. Perhaps, she could get so mad with Togashi that she hides his Nintendo DS, leaving him with nothing else to do but draw more manga ☺. Either way, it’s a win-win situation! Togashi never ceases to amuse us with his anecdotes!

EDIT (Morning of Feb. 17th): It seems that some fans are accusing him of lying – they all assumed that he took his leave to take care of his new baby, but now people wonder if he was fighting a game addiction. What crazy drama has such an innocent comment caused? Addiction or not, we can almost predict that after ten installments HxH will go away for a long time… again.

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