Naoko Takeuchi Posts New Photos on Sailor Moon Channel!

Our entire thoughts are with everyone affected by the Tsunami tragedy in Japan. In the coming days, we will post an entry with charities and relief efforts for readers who wish to help out Japan. As far as we know, no one involved with Sailor Moon has been affected. It is probably safe to assume that since most of the major dubbing studios are in Tokyo (which was not as devastated as the northern part of the country), that most of the stars, crew, and the creator are safe. We are currently working to get official word on the safety of Naoko Takeuchi, Yoshihiro Togashi, and their family. There is some discussion happening via our Facebook page and our forums, where our staff members and fans are compiling together lists of who has been confirmed safe.

In the meantime, Naoko Takeuchi has been posting some new work on Sailor Moon Channel! At the beginning of this month, she posted a new illustration on the site (featured left, credit: (c) Naoko Takeuchi・PNP). We can only assume that this is probably Neo Queen Serenity from the manga! At this time we are unable to confirm if this is a new picture that she has drawn recently, or if this was a picture that she drew but was never published in any of the manga or artbooks. Either way, it’s nice to see something new on Sailor Moon Channel! Naoko has also posted a new photo journal on the site, with photos and short messages from the beginning of the year. The biggest surprise that we’ve seen are her comments on two magazines released with Sailor Moon merchandise in Italy! We know that in the past she has received some of the merchandise released around the world, but this is the first we’ve heard of her thoughts about them! Our translations are featured below for you all to read! (Click to see them full sized!)

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