Namco Bandai Announces Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende For The Nintendo DS (Updated!)

Months of speculation have come to a close. Namco Bandai Europe has finally released some details about the Sailor Moon Nintendo DS game they’re developing for an Italian release. Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende, which could be translated to either “The Shining Moon” or “The Moon Shine”, is an adventure game featuring environmental puzzles that takes place in Molly/Naru’s dreams. Sight-unseen, this sounds like it could be similar to the Professor Layton series of games or perhaps the early Nintendo DS game, Trace Memory. For those who have never played any of those games, that’s a good crowd to be compared to.

Other pieces of info about the game are that each of the Scouts will have their own abilities, Tuxedo Mask is in the game, there will be 3 worlds(Jewel Palace, Mystery Castle, & Flower Garden) with 20-30 puzzles each, and that the Scout’s attire can be customized. The new planned release month for La Luna Spende is March and it will apparently be priced at €29.99(about $40). Sailordees will be importing and reviewing it for Moon Chase when it is released. Nintendo DS games(not to be confused with DSi or 3DS games) are not region-locked and can be played on any original DS or DS Lite. You can find Namco Bandai’s Italian press release below.

Press Release: [Namco Bandai]
Logo(Added Via Sailordees) Credit: [Italian Gaming Website, Press Start]

EDIT: More to share with you all (Sailordees here)! Lots and lots of screengrabs are available on several Italian sites (our image credits go to everyeye), and we are featuring them here for you as well. It looks like they have fused a simple RPG with some of the aesthetics from the puzzle games of Sailor Moon’s SNES days (S, SS, and Stars). And, we also have a cover image to share as well!

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  1. limited2gal Says:

    lol i wonder if they will make a ROM of this and an english patch.

  2. ochibawolf Says:

    Where are you importing it from? I'd like to buy a copy too.

  3. sailordees Says:

    I am not sure Ochibawolf, mid February to early March i will wander around the internet and see what I can find. I will post a link here when I do find one for others to purchase it! Limited2Gal, so long as you can understand French or Spanish, Italian is also in the same family of romantic languages and you'll be able to pick up words a lot faster. Whatever I do play for my review, I will translate for the site.

  4. sailordees Says:

    Here's a couple retailers (no Sailor Moon listed just yet) that will ship internationally: (based out of Italy, but shipping to North America is kinda pricey and will be as much as the game is worth)
    (This is their DS page of games from Italy, though I am not sure if they will have this game as soon as it hits the shelves)

  5. Senshi Says:

    I soo want to get this game! Its been so long since there has been a new Sailor Moon game!

    I'm going to try to see if a family member can get it for me or a website that won't over charge it.

    I look forward to your review of the game. ^^

  6. ArgoCityCub Says:

    I wish it would come to the US,but if they do bring it,i hope they change it,The screen-shots are Eh! and i am not impressed I would rather see a remake of the first two Sailor Moon games that was ported on the SFC for the DS. Let's hope that they release the orig Sailor Moon games from the Super Famicom on the Wii Virtual Console very soon.

  7. Josh Says:

    It'd be cool if there were some retailers outside of Italy allowed to sell the game. I know of a couple of stores I'd be happy to get the game from if they were but we'll see

  8. TheMisanthrope Says:

    Can't wait for this.. I don't have a DS, but the bf does… I don't have adequate Italian under my belt, either, but don't care!!

    Anyway… I think the best translation for the title would be "The Bright Moon."

    Italian is opposite of English – for instance.. in English we may say "Maria's house." In Italian, one would say "Casa di Maria."

    Splende and our English "Splendid" have the same latin root, splendidus which means bright, gleam, shine.. (ordered in decreasing fashionable use)

    The Shine Moon doesn't sound very elegant lol..

    /end digression 😀

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the game. I'll have to wait until June at the earliest though. 🙁 Can't allow myself to get distracted during the school year.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    "splende" is not an adjective but a verb

    la luna splendente—> the shining moon

    la luna splende—> the moon shines

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