NA VA News (Part One)

Alice Blue is Finally Being Released?

Via a Facebook group, a few days ago we learned that a movie shot in late 2005 involving two VAs is finally done the editing process and is being shopped around to film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. The Death of Alice Blue is a vampire movie intermingled with the advertising environment. Alice learns of the secret underminings of her advertising agency from her friends in an elite group known as “The Resistance”, and also that she is genetically predisposed to become a vampire. It stars Barbara Radecki (Serena’s Mom, Sailor Neptune) as Sherry, and Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) as Katie. Katie’s husband, rocker Michael Kulas, also contributed original music to the film. This film was also shot in 35mm and converted to HD for effects. Fans can check out a trailer here, and we will keep you posted once we hear that this film has been selected for a festival!

Mary Long in New Play!

Mary Long (Molly Baker) can currently be seen on stage at the Victoria Place Petrolia in Petrolia, Ontario. In Separate Beds, she plays two wives who take a cruise ship vacation along with their husbands to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. You read right, two wives – she is playing both Beth Stone and Twink Fraser. Beth is a movie actress married to an orthodontist, and Twink is the co-owner of a hardware store along with her husband. The play is about two different couples, and her costar Ralph Small plays both her characters’ husbands. The revolving set features a cabin suite and a breakfast deck and both actors are transformed into other characters through different clothes, hair, speech, mannerisms and, of course, names. This definitely sounds interesting and from what we have read, the show sounds pretty good. The director also had lots of praise for the stars, saying: “I am indeed fortunate to have two artists of the calibre of Mary Long and Ralph Small to portray four wonderful characters. They are both gifted actors and talented comedians, and they bring the script to life brilliantly.” Mary loves the play, and said that this is the playwright’s (Mary Jane Cruise) best job, and added “Five seconds into the play, audiences will relate immediately to this first couple. It won’t be long before they recognize themselves.” The two even have their own rendition of Sonny and Cher’s I’ve Got You Babe! The play runs until August 9th, and Mary will reprise the roles later this year when the show hits Orangeville.

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