Motoki’s Turtle Returns!

While seeing what was hot in Japan on the music charts, we came across a music video by a band called Aladdin. Hi wa, Mata Noboru (The Sun Will Rise Again) is a call to tired, frustrated, salarymen and women who see nothing great about their jobs. Something caught our eye about this video as we fast-forwarded through it (it was too genki, even for us). Those turtles that the men were holding near the end of the video looked very familiar. And then we remembered Masaya Kikawada’s act of bravery in wearing that turtle suit that was probably one of the most memorable moments of PGSM in episode 25. We dug up the episode, and we were in fact correct. The two were using the same brand of turtle (although the Aladdin video has a baby turtle to go along with it). Don’t believe us? Here are some comparison screenshots. Motoki is on the right, and Aladdin is on the left.

Curious fans who want to check out this video can click here and they can even find a translation of the song. If any of our fans happen to know which toy manufacturer makes this turtle, we’d love to feature it on this site! The turtles make their appearance twice in this video, at 3:07 and 4:10.

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