Mother’s Day Special 2010 (Part 2) – Happy Mother’s Day Naoko!

On this Mother’s Day, our readers are probably honoring their own mothers, but we’re going to take a few moments to honor Usagi’s “Mom” – Naoko Takeuchi! She has had a very happy year indeed! Naoko’s life has had so many good things in the last year – from the birth of her second child (who is almost a year and a half now), to the revival of Sailor Moon, and all of the celebrations that are going on in Japan to celebrate Sailor Moon’s return.> Naoko is the happiest that we have seen her in a very long time, and her happiness means the world to Sailor Moon fans all over the planet. We don’t have any new news to report about the whereabouts of Naoko Takeuchi, save for a few cool updates to Sailor Moon Channel. It seems fans have been waiting forever to see any mention of the Sailor Starlights on the official website, and that day has finally come. The intro features the three of them, and the first of what is to be many flashimated manga chapters from that pivotal last arc of the manga is on the site! And, there’s a new game too. You have to find where the Senshi are hiding in this game!

Although this posting is short, every fan’s heart is filled with love for Sailor Moon. Happy Mother’s Day Naoko, and here is hoping Yoshihiro Togashi gave you a bouquet filled with lots of Orange Sailor Moon Carnations!

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