Mother’s Day Special 2010: Orange Sailor Moon Mutant Carnations Still Top Choice For Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is upon us again and in Japan, flower orders are blooming, especially for carnations! In Aochi Village, a part of Kusatsu City in Shiga Prefecture, Hiroo Inokuchi is a farmer who grows many flowers. Over 2000 square feet of his greenhouses are devoted to carnations just for Mother’s Day, which makes for 18,000 carnations to be shipped to Kyoto. And, there are 5 kinds of carnations that are the most desired which he grows. The three most popular are Kiss, Charade, and of course, the INGU Sailor Moon Carnation (orange mutant). We have a new image of these orange carnations to share with you from the article today (they are on the left)! Due to less than favorable weather in March, Mr. Inokuchi says that he only got about 70% of what he usually grows since fewer buds grew. He noted that the same pale and bright colors from previous years continue to be popular, as he worked on the arrangements and packing them in special cases for transport. One site is taking online orders for the orange Sailor Moon Carnations – 1 single carnation will cost $1.23 USD (116 Yen), and a lot of 25 will cost $30.76 USD (2888 Yen). It is still too early to order the Happy Valley Sailor Moon orchid or the Sailor Moon sunflowers to order.

We also have some more information to share about this flower! Mr. Choutarou Inagaki of Hazu, Ishiki city, Aichi Prefecture, is this carnation’s cultivator! He has been cultivating different kinds of carnations since 1966. He is very interested in cultivating carnations that can adapt to the humid conditions in Japan. Any carnation breed name that has INGU in it, is one of Mr. Inagaki’s (and there are 35 of them). INGU Sailor Moon Orange is one of his most popular varieties, and is even featured on display at Chubu Centrair International Airport! Mr. Inagaki wants to do his part to keep flower production up in Japan, he believes that they are in a crisis and many carnations are being imported from China and Columbia. He believes that Japanese farmers can grow more carnations, and he is there to help find better ways to grow them in Japan.

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