More Upcoming Interviews!

We’re celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Sailor Moon this summer, and it is our mission to bring you stories you probably never knew about the series! We’ve got not one, but TWO upcoming actors who are excited to participate in interviews for this site!

And they are…

Tracey Hoyt is the first actress to play Rini, and played her in the second season of Sailor Moon and the three movies. Tracey has had quite the career, voicing many characters in cartoons as well as appearing on camera, and is even a graduate of Toronto’s Second City! She’s also a voice teacher!

Jeff Lumby
played Professor/Dr. Souchi Tomoe, Kakeru in the S movie Hearts in Ice, and Mischa in the episode “Ice Princess”. He has also had quite the career voicing many characters in cartoons, as well as appearing on camera. He has also anchored radio shows on many stations across the country – and if you grew up in the 80s, you probably grew up watching his whole family on television!

At this time, we’d like to thank Tracey and Jeff for doing this and we are really excited to be working with you!

Fans will have until Midnight of June 14th to post their questions as comments on this post, or e-mail us at (but please put Tracey Hoyt & Jeff Lumby Interview in the subject), or post your questions in this forum thread. We’re going to limit fans to two questions per actor for this one! Again, don’t feel like you have to ask only about their work in Sailor Moon!

5 Responses to “More Upcoming Interviews!”

  1. Sakky Says:

    Woo! that's exciting! Definite looking forward to Tracey 😀

  2. Salvatore Says:


    Here are my questions for Tracey Hoyt:

    1. How did you even up with the role of Rini?

    For Jeff Lumby:

    1. How did you like playing Prof. Tomoe?

    2. Would you say Prof. Tomoe was your favorite role in Sailor Moon?

    Thanks for more interviews!!!

  3. esahC Says:

    "You know what they say; the more the merrier!"

    For Tracey…

    1. How did you view Rini's character?

    2. Why didn't you come back to the role of Rini? And for that matter, how come you came back for the movies?

    For Jeff…

    1. I see you're credited as the contributing writer for one episode for "The Red Green Show". Tell us, how does that work?

    2. How did you portray Tomoe's character?

    Thank you for the time.

  4. chibiusa1992 Says:

    15th years? I thought that Sailor Moon started with the Manga back in 1992? so wouldn't that be 18 years? or are you just counting the anime?

  5. sailordees Says:

    15 years of the English version, that started in 1995 :).

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