More Pictures of Naoko at Bandai Hobby Center!

So, in my mad fervor of looking for information pertaining to the upcoming campaign, I came across this (and to my surprise this wasn’t linked on any English websites at all?!) Bandai Hobby Center has a blog, and they have posted an entire entry about Naoko Takeuchi’s visit last October. Better yet? It was posted in October! Two days after her visit! Sailor Moon Channel didn’t mention anything about her visit until January! What really got us about these pictures was how happy she looked drawing – we wonder how long it has been since she has drawn any manga! We’ll let you all come up with your own theories on this time lapse, but for now here’s a quickie translation … and oh yeah, the pictures!

Ms. Naoko Takeuchi BHC visit.

The cartoonist, Ms. Naoko Takeuchi came in BHC the other day.

Hearing her name, you think of Sailor Senshi Sailor Moon!

Every girl in here became crazy when the original creator of Sailor Moon came!

Ms. Takeuchi was wonderful and gentle through her visit to BHC, and talked to people.

I asked if she would draw only one Usagi-chan in uniform when I asked for her autograph?

She immediately drew it at the Hobby Center!

When she came, I was very emotional ♪ Zowie!

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