More on the Whereabouts of Optimum Productions

Since our last article over a year ago, we have occasionally spent some time poking and prodding around the internet to see whatever became of the Canadian companies involved with Sailor Moon. Now that Pretty Cure has hit the Canadian airwaves, hopefully to conquer Sailor Moon’s former glory, we thought it was about time that we reported our findings.

Optimum Productions is still around. According to an NATPE brochure from 2008, the company had a few dubbing productions in the works – the cartoon Jibber Jabber, Top Gear (we’re pretty sure that they handled editing it for time in other markets and/or international language dubbing), the hit Belgian Drama Matrioshki, and Canadian Geographic Presents. Louis Hurtubise (Producer throughout the series’ run) also has a profile on popular indie voiceover site, Voice123. Nicole Thuault (Associate Producer, Director, and Casting) was a little harder to track down, however we were able to find out something interesting from her past. She was the director of the French dub of some major Hollywood films in association with Quebec studios Voice Heart and Cinélume. These were My Life So Far with Colin Firth, Norman Jewison’s Dance Me Outside, and Pushing Tin. These are listed on Optimum Productions’ website, but OP is not given credit on the official site for dubbing in Quebec… things that make you go hmmm… We still don’t know what is going on with her Firmin Productions.

Another company which had a very big role in the distribution of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon in Canada was Kaleidoscope Entertainment. This company is also still around – we were able to find an old news release about their involvement in the production of Bathroom Divas on Bravo.

2 Responses to “More on the Whereabouts of Optimum Productions”

  1. Matt Says:

    Pretty Cure SUX. Great animation and transformation scenes. But, bland characters and no plot.

  2. sailordees Says:

    Hi Matt:

    While we respect your opinion (positive or negative), your comment was a pretty non-constructive criticism. We could all say the same thing about Naruto or Pokemon, however there will always be some fans who will disagree and tell us the opposite. Why does the show suck? Why do you think there is no plot to you and/or how are the characters bland? Pretty Cure is breaking (or close to breaking) a lot of achievements that were once held by Sailor Moon in Japan, and it has lasted for more seasons and has had more movies too. The show is slowly making itself known around the world, and it seems as if Toei is trying to redeem themselves from the mistakes they made managing Sailor Moon with this series. So next time you want to post a criticism, please tell us why. We’re letting you get away with it this time.

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