More Housekeeping!

Thanks to all the fans who voted in our Forums Opinion Poll! Expect an announcement regarding that very soon!

Veoh Problems:

Some of our users have encountered problems playing videos on our channels on Veoh. We recommend rewinding the video if you do not see any picture at first. But rewind it after a few seconds have started to play and that usually solves the problem. If it doesn’t, then try upgrading your Flash Player. Chances are, if you can watch any other streaming video on the internet, then you probably just need a rewind. Or contact us at and we will try to help you! I have added a Veoh tag to this post so users that are having troubles can click the tag and find this entry.

And there has been a lot of comment spam on our videos. We put them up for you to enjoy, not for people to make racist comments about Japan, advertise their sites, or troll. We have already had to suspend the comments on the Naruto commercial for this reason. We really like having this feature turned on for fans who do want to discuss our commercials (we appreciate each and every thank you we get – it inspires us to keep bringing you these oddities!) but if this continues to get worse, we may have to disable it. So please, don’t spam the video comments!

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