More February VA Sightings!

And In Motion Too!

Robert Tinkler Spotted In Notes From the Underbelly Again!

It’s too sad, really. Notes From the Underbelly in our opinion is an under appreciated comedy. With many TV critics predicting that it will not be renewed for the next season, we’re sad to see it go. Robert Tinkler (Rubeus, Pupuran) appeared in the penultimate episode, which aired not too long ago. His character Ben, has grown tired of Cooper’s (played by Rachael Harris) bossy and demanding behaviour, and decides to work for her rival, Beverly. Beverly is also dating the nutter of the group, Danny (but Ben does not know this). Soon Ben is left to deal with the bossiness and demands of both Beverly and Dan, and he realizes that as much as he hates being Cooper’s assistant, it truly was a lot better than being Beverly’s assistant. At the end of the show, he comes to apologize to Cooper and to ask for his job back, by doing what he does best! Bringing a bouquet of flowers to congratulate Lauren and Andrew on the birth of their daughter – of course, on behalf of Cooper! We’re really sad that this show will probably not be renewed, but were pleasantly surprised at how great a comedic actor Robert has turned out to be! We hope to see more of you on TV soon Robert!

Stephanie Beard Posts New Video of Her Eating… Corn?

Stephanie ‘Sugar’ Lyn Beard (Rini #2) has posted some new videos in the last few weeks. The first one is an extended tour of her old loft in downtown Toronto, complete with Sug’s Commentary. We had already seen this one before a long time ago, in what we presume was probably a promotional video. The second one she posted, really got us thinking. Two minutes and seven seconds of Sugar sitting in front of her webcam, eating corn! The video’s synopsis says (and we quote) “heres what i’ve been up to since i moved to LA.” Awhh… poor Sug. If only we could help! Maybe you’d be happier munching on some Sailor Moon Pasta, a Chocolate Sailor Moon just in time for Easter, or Sailor Moon Ice Cream all washed down with Sailor Moon Soda from Japan. In any case, we’re not quite sure if there’s some subliminal message in this video, or if this is some kind of inside joke that we don’t understand. Or perhaps it’s a belated homage to National Corn Day? It’s all up to you readers, what do you think Stephanie is trying to say?

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