More Event Information From Press and Other Blogs

This is probably going to be one of the final updates from the newsmedia (unless other articles show up). CinemaToday had the same quotes from Kotono Mitsuishi in their article and didn’t have anything new to say (except for a comment that HIMEKA felt like she was ready to die since she felt like she was in heaven seeing all the seiyuu!). But, that story did have a nice photo! In the next few days we’re just going to have a post with all the photos from the event we have been able to find. That way, you fans can see them all in one place! TV Life didn’t have anything new either, except for a quote which I think I forgot to translate in my previous article – Kotono joked that even when they are all fat and old, they would still be happy to have been known for a work that both adults and children can continue to enjoy forever and ever! AV Watch didn’t have anything new either. I am going to save 2Chan for a whole other post, later. Now, onto another interesting blog entry I came across! This blogger also went to the event, and she featured a photo (which we have uploaded here for you today) of two flyers the staff handed out after the event was over, advertising the mobile site and the DVD collection release (featured above). This blogger waited outside the hall after the event, and all of the seiyuu and Naoko walked in front of her! She was so in awe that she didn’t know what to say , and asked Kotono some dumb questions like “will this be broadcast on ANIMAX?” She said that she expected that it would be! We haven’t seen or heard anything about any plans to air this on TV, but as soon as we find any footage, we promise we will post a copy! The blogger was so in awe of Naoko’s presence, that all she wrote was that she looked beautiful in purple and that the Great Master had passed.

We’ve been noticing a few blogs have been slightly altering the pictures that we have posted and putting their own watermarks on them – it is a blog’s choice to do so, however please remember that these photos came from news articles which we linked to and referenced in our posts. It isn’t fair to claim them as your own! Also, it’s okay to reference us when posting about this event, but please also give the Japanese sites and blogs credits – they are where this all originally came from!

3 Responses to “More Event Information From Press and Other Blogs”

  1. ochibawolf Says:

    Do you guys know if there are any of those flyers on Y!Japan? I'm interested in getting one! Thank you for all the SM news =D

  2. sailordees Says:

    No problem Ochibawolf! By the way did your poster come? Please send us photos! I don't see any of the flyers for sale anywhere unfortunately :(.

  3. ochibawolf Says:

    Aww, darn. I'll keep a look out for them though!
    Yes, my poster did come, and I framed it!

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