More Confirmation of Safety and Tsunami Relief

Hi Moonies – I have received confirmation that Naoko Takeuchi, Yoshihiro Togashi, and their family, as well as employees of Toei Animation are safe. They were all in the Tokyo area which was not as severely affected. However, their major worries now are the massive cleanup, traffic, and electrical power now that their tsunami woes are not a concern.

Fans wishing to donate to relief efforts are best off doing so through the Red Cross as the UN has not established an effort just yet.

In the USA, click here to donate.
In Canada, click here to donate.

Fans can also donate via Twitter, Text Messaging, and Facebook.

Alternatively, fans can also donate to Shelterbox, which is sending shelter kits to those affected in the Sendai region of Japan.

5 Responses to “More Confirmation of Safety and Tsunami Relief”

  1. saloo7_cr7 Says:

    oh i'm so happy that your family is okay…
    please take care…
    i'm a big fan of Mr.togashi

  2. P@me Says:

    Oh my God, I'm really worried about these people in Japan, but I wanna know about Naoko T. and her husband, how do you know about their? Even in people finder does not know about she!!!

  3. Moon Chase Says:

    I think that was just posted by fans, as the images that are up there are ones you can find on any image search pretty easily. We found out from people who work around her – we keep communication with the companies involved with Sailor Moon so they were the first people I inquired to about her safety.

  4. Senshi Says:

    Its sad that this disaster happened. I donated to help those who were affected by it. ^^ There is a guy on YouTube who has a friend that is selling T-Shirts to help support the relief.

    Here is a link to his video with more info:

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I've just visited Miyuu sawai's blog she is ok

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