More About Sailor Moon at MIPTV

Last week, ICV2 posted an article saying that Toei was offering 200 refurbished episodes at MIPTV, which is underway as we speak. There’s a few things worth mentioning here. Not every market will be able to receive refurbished episodes (such is the case with Albania). The source of this is an ad in Total Licensing’s Spring 2010 issue which is featured on the left (since it contains sensitive contact information that fans should not make use of, we have cut off that part of the ad). And, this is an ad exclusively for the European market – and is probably not going to include the English language market because Toei Animation Inc. out of Los Angeles handles that (and not Toei Animation Europe). We can see there being some good news for France, Germany, Spain, and some other European countries possibly coming out of MIPTV. It does not appear that FUNImation or Navarre will have representatives there, but there will be reps from Corus (YTV’s parent), Cartoon Network, Viz, and Phase 4 Films (a distributor of Navarre in Canada) attending MIPTV. Keep your fingers crossed, Moonies!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You might want to tell Sailor Moon World . it about that. They left in the "sensitive info"

  2. Moon Chase Says:

    We can't really tell each site what they should and shouldn't post. We have tried in the past but the reaction from the other side hasn't always been cooperative.

  3. KM mizuno Says:

    LOL!! target market: 4 -12! This is funny, mature and teens are gonna be the first to buy and watch the TV and product than little girls. hahaha!

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