Mop Girl Episode 4!

This episode was so deep and complex this week that we’re going to have to watch it a few more times before we grasp it all. This week’s story: a Mangaka and her brother are killed just after her manga about a Knight who protects a Queen makes its debut. Momoko’s (played by Keiko Kitagawa , or PGSM Sailor Mars) visions appear and her day rewinds as she picks up a stray chess piece – specifically the knight, that belonged to the Mangaka. She thinks there might be a witness at a Maid Café in Tokyo, so she goes over there to investigate. Unfortunately, the owner of the café finds her and coaxes her into working for him, and this is the clip we have uploaded as this week’s “Momoko Moment”! After that things get a little fuzzy, we have a feeling that there was a little jealousy from the Mangaka’s brother. In any case, Momoko’s plan to save the day goes awry when someone who didn’t deserve to die is killed in the end. Though she is comforted by the sibling’s mother, Momoko still bursts out into tears at the end as she hands her the knight chess piece. We felt sad and sorry for Momoko as she had tried to keep everyone alive, but in the end she couldn’t, and blames herself for something that really wasn’t her fault. This is the best episode that we have seen of Mop Girl so far.

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  1. bahrin Says:

    i really love kitagawa keiko !! she was so cute in this episode…i mean when she was a maid..& she said 'welcome back master'…she was ssooooOOoooooooo cute…!! i feel tat i wan to hug him straigt away…LOL..CUTE CUTE CUTE !!

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