Mop Girl Episode #3 in a Nutshell!

Hey Moonies! In last week’s episode of Mop Girl we saw Momoko (played by Keiko Kitagawa AKA PGSM Sailor Mars) have a nightmare in which she was stuck in a shrine with a pervy Kannushi who gave her a lot of money. We wanted to show you all this scene because of Keiko’s priceless reaction but we figured it was too mature even for our “For Older Readers Only” tag so we decided against it. Momoko had to clean up the scene where a Member of the Assembly had died of a mysterious fall. Sayuri Negishi was stuck in a whirlpool of corruption allegations regarding nursing homes and is especially under fire from another Member of the Assembly, Ruuhira Fuji. Momoko later connects two and two together and discovers that it was a pre-meditated homicide – Sayuri died of some sort of remote-controlled electrocution! Momoko does find a way to save Sayuri’s life, but not without getting embroiled in the complicated world of politics and blackmail. It turns out that another one of Sayuri’s friends, Kayo was also involved in planning and executing this homicide. Momoko leaves the scene happy she saved Sayuri’s life, but sad that she watched a friendship fall apart the way it did.

This week’s scene comes as her day is replaying over again , and she attempts to visit a shrine and blend in with some tourists so that she can catch Sayuri. We’re so used to seeing Keiko play fierce characters and to see her whine at the end of this is too funny for words!

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