Moon Prism Power REAL Make-Up!

Hot offcompact01 the presses Moonies, Fumio Osabu has just announced that a Sailor Moon Makeup Compact will be hitting the stores in Japan.  After many requests from fans for transformation items, “Crystal Brooch” is the first authentic Sailor Moon-themed adult makeup product ever!  The compact is aimed for girls who loved the compact toy who have now grown up to be women who wear beautiful makeup. The compact comes with “Sailor Moon R Moon Miracle Romance Shining Powder” pressed powder, and a mirror.  Special attention was paid to the detail of this product as it actually looks like Sailor Moon’s compact.  The compact will be unveiled to the public at the Tokyo Toy Show at Tokyo Big Sight on the 16th. More ordering information is at Premium Bandai.  This compact will be produced by Bandai’s premiere cosmetics line, Creer Beaute.  The price is listed at 3980 Japanese Yen, or around $40 USD. What do you think Moonies? Would you like to see something like this at Sephora?

EDIT: This product will not be available for shipment until October, but pre-orders are available as supplies permit.

EDIT: Some more details have been learned about this product. The powder has a gentle “Princess Floral Fragrance” that is smelled when you open up the compact, and the powder has been specially formulated to absorb sebum to avoid that oily look on the face (I am curious if Naoko Takeuchi’s background in chemistry and pharmaceuticals contributed at all?).  But this will not dry out your face as the powder has a moisturizing component to it. And finally, the powder will have some pink glitter elements to it to give the skin a glossy tone.

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