Moon Chase’s Debut Voice Actors Sightings , Part Two!

Live Action Feature Films:

Barbara Radecki (Serena’s Mom, Sailor Neptune) can be spotted in the role of a reporter in the Robin Williams flick, Man of the Year. Robin plays Tom Dobbs, host of a late-night political talk show who decides on a whim he’s going to run for President of the United States. Due to a computer error, he wins the election, and the rest of the movie follows Dobbs and Eleanor , a very torn former voting company employee, and their decision whether to make this public or not. The film was released on DVD February 20th.

In theatres now is Breach, a thriller based on the true story of Eric O’Neill, an upstart FBI operative who worked under Robert Hanssen, an agent who was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union for fifteen years. Fans should definitely check this out if they are into political crime dramas and it has been well-received from critics. The film stars Chris Cooper as Robert Hanssen, Ryan Phillippe as Eric O’Neill, as well as Laura Linney and Caroline Dhavernas . David Huband (Serena’s Dad) can be seen as a photographer in this movie.

Last but not least is a film we anticipate watching in 2008! Hank and Mike tells the story of two friends who are living their dream careers, being professional Easter Bunnies. They get laid off by their company and are now forced to find other jobs. Later they try to get their jobs back and save Easter for some very disgruntled kids who did not get any chocolate. This appears to be a movie adaptation of a 15-minute Canadian short about two easter bunnies who get drunk at a “Gentlemen’s Club”. Not many other details are known at this time, but two VA’s can be seen in this, Kathleen Laskey as Connie Schytt and David Huband as Mr. Sulsky. The director has uploaded a private, censored version of the trailer on youtube, and an uncensored one exists at the official website . The content of both trailers are pretty mature, so don’t watch either of them if you are under 18.

Live Action Television Series:

Naturally Sadie is a Canadian tween comedy that airs on both Family Channel in Canada. Disney Channel in the USA, and Nickelodeon in the UK and Australia. It tells the tales of high school student Sadie Hawthorne (played by Charlotte Arnold) who loves to study and observe animals, all while making her way through the jungle that is her high school. Currently , a third season is in production. Last November, in the episode Two of a Kind, David Huband appeared as Steve-O, Sadie Hawthorne’s very competitive uncle. The show is bound to repeat until the new season is broadcast, so check your local listings!

72 Hours: True Crime is currently in it’s third season on CBC television and on TLC in the USA. The show through re-enactments and sometimes archive footage tells the stories of real crimes in the USA and Canada , focusing on the first 72 hours after they were committed. The episode Frenzy, profiled the case of serial killer Eric Fitzgerald Ross who murdered a cab driver, as well as a Baptist deacon, his grandaughter and her boyfriend. David Fraser (Grandpa Hino) portrays Paul McGarry, a Staff Sargent with the Barrie Police Department who is assigned to the case. The episode aired in November of last year.

Sarah Lafleur (Sailor Uranus) continues her primetime TV appearances in CBS’s hit show, Without a Trace. She played the major role of sympathetic journalist Valerie Sharp, in the episode Eating Away which aired on January 14th of this year. Her character was the confidante of a competitive eater named Barry Rosen (played by Michael Dunn) who got involved in a very complicated situation with his brother, a gambler, and others. This episode is not likely to be on DVD for at least a year, so fans wanting to check this episode out should check their listings for a rerun.

And finally, for all you Sci-Fi fans, we have uncovered a very brand new sighting! Premiering sometime this fall on CHUM’s specialty channel Space , is Ice Planet. Captain Jonas Trager and a team of international military and scientific personnel are on the search for a mysterious alien artifact, which is special because it grows from the memories of human explorers. Captain Trager lives to explore and investigate; forever searching for answers to the unknown. One unknown very close to him he continues to search for answers to is the mysterious murder of his wife, Cathy. As they explore this artifact, they are hit by an asteroid strike , and the artifact whips them through space and time to a mysterious ice planet. The survivors soon find themselves in the midst of an ancient alien war, and face a long journey of evolution and self-discovery to fulfill their destinies. Stephanie Morgenstern makes her sci-fi debut, starring as Cathy Trager in this series. Production is slated to begin any minute now (it was initially delayed due to the ACTRA strike) and is a joint production between Germany, the UK and Canada. There isn’t an official site, but fans wanting more information can check out this very comprehensive fansite which is already rounding up potential fans before the show airs!

Live Action Movies for Television

Harvey Atkin (Various Monsters of the Day) and Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars) make up our last pair of sightings this time around. Both were seen in heartwarming movies that aired near the end of 2006!

Harvey Atkin was seen as Harvey in Lifetime’s Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy . This movie tells the true story of Geralyn Lucas, a former editorial producer for 20/20. When she was 27, she discovered a lump on her breast, and got the grim diagnosis that the lump had resulted from breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, and wrote about her experiences overcoming cancer in a book of the same name. In her own words, she wrote this book because “When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I promised that I would share my story with other women to help take away the fear of breast cancer and encourage them to get checked.”. This movie was well received and is not on DVD yet, but can be purchased from iTunes

The Hallmark Hall of Fame flick Candles on Bay Street served as a reunion for Alicia Silverstone and Katie Griffin – they had previously worked together on the popular cartoon Braceface! Katie played Nina Harper, who was mean to Alicia Silverstone’s character, Sharon Spitz. In this movie, Alicia played Dee-Dee, a single mom who many years ago abruptly left her hometown in Maine , leaving Sam, a man who truly loved her. 13 years later she returns back there, to find he has married someone else. Dee-Dee is also now a single mom to her son, Trooper. She is also suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is looking for someone to take care of her son after she is gone. She makes candles for a living because they symbolize light in the dark. Katie Griffin played Naomi in this film. This movie aired on CBS last November and should be released on DVD any time now and fans can purchase this at their local Hallmark Gold Crown Store. We’re unsure why Hallmark has the movie all over their store and yet it cannot be found anywhere to purchase on their site . However we did notice a few legit copies kicking around on eBay so this makes us think that it may be available in stores as we speak!

That caps this update, but fear not! This blog will report sightings as they happen so readers can look forward to reading shorter articles and being made aware (sometimes in advance!) of sightings of your favorite Sailor Moon Voice Actor!

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