Moon Chase Presents: The Kevin Hill Collection!

Kevin Hill was a critically acclaimed, yet short-lived drama on the now defunct cable network, UPN. The show was about Kevin Hill (played by Taye Diggs), a prominent lawyer whose life took a sudden turn when his cousin died, and he was given guardianship of his daughter, Sara. Kevin left his law firm for a smaller one, so he could have a little time with his niece. The show was shot in Toronto, and four VAs made appearances on the show. We will present our exclusive Kevin Hill clips collection in the order in which the episodes aired. We will warn you that this was a late night drama back in the day, and some of these clips may not be suitable for younger readers due to some of the language and the graphic nature of one of the clips. Since (finally!) we have started to backup our videos from Veoh to Imeem, we have decided the best solution since we aren’t allowed channels on Imeem, was to create playlists. This link will take you to the playlist we have set specifically just for clips of the VAs on various TV shows. More coming soon, we promise!

Episode 2: The Good Life

This episode saw Kevin fight a case for an indie rocker whose parenting skills were questionable. Alison Sealy-Smith (various Monsters of the Day) made an appearance in this episode as Judge Rebecca Brooks. She appeared three times in the episode, but only spoke in her last appearance, which we have uploaded for you. This scene comes from the end of the episode, where Kevin loses faith that his client is going to come to the court and arrange for her sister to have temporary custody of her daughter.

Episode 11: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

This Christmas episode saw Kevin Hill looking to deepen his relationship with Evelyn Cruz (played by Lisa Marcos) while also making Sara’s first Christmas something special. He’s against the idea of Santa pictures, but eventually warms up to the idea. This scene features Stephanie Beard (Rini #2) in the role of a Christmas Elf taking the pictures. She mistakes Kevin and Evelyn to be a couple and Sara to be their daughter. Of course, Sara further complicates things by thinking Evelyn is her “mama”!

Episode 17: Only Sixteen

Kevin represented a psychiatrist who used a very controversial treatment in treating a troubled teenager who was battling depression. Tracey Hoyt (Rini #1) played the mother of the teenager. The first scene was her testimony about her son’s psychiatrist, and the second one shows her turning around and looking out for what her son wants rather than just focusing on making his problems go away with pills. Younger Readers are warned not to watch these clips.

Episode 19: The Monroe Doctrine

Kevin represented a woman in this episode, whose face was horribly injured in a car accident. Her fiance, a plastic surgeon, did a little too much work in reconstructing her face, and it most definitely was not a face that she wanted. He is not alone in the courtroom, Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars) plays the defense lawyer who argues that the plastic surgeon did nothing wrong. She appears in a few scenes, but only speaks in this one. Younger Readers are warned not to watch this clip.

We haven’t gotten the chance to watch all the episodes of this show, but from what we have seen, we really enjoyed it. It’s too sad that the timeslot never worked out with viewers properly and the show got canned after one season. As of this writing, the show has never been released on DVD, nor is it running in syndication in North America (though we have heard the show has been dubbed into Italian and plays there occasionally).

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