Moon Chase Presents: Stephanie Beard on The Red Green Show !

Continuing our video reorganization, we now present to you Stephanie “Suga” Lyn Beard’s (Rini #2) appearances on the Canadian comedy, The Red Green Show. Yes, you read that right, “appearances” instead of “appearance”! We came across the second episode that she appeared on, and now we have both of her appearances on the show playing Kelly Cook, a young, naive, network executive. We’ll remind fans that Stephanie’s appearances on the show made Red Green history, as she was the first woman to ever appear on it!

This first clip comes from the episode Sausage Envy which was the tenth season premiere. Stephanie’s character in this clip has a few suggestions on how Red can improve his show.

Five episodes later, she had more suggestions for Red that were completely the opposite to what she first wanted! This is from the episode entitled Survivor.

It’s too bad we didn’t get to see Stephanie on this show after her two appearances. We’d love to have seen her interact with Red’s nephew Harold! If you are looking for more Sug, check out our previous Kevin Hill Megapost!

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