Moon Chase Exclusive! Men’s Sailor Moon T-Shirt Coming to Hot Topic

Hey readers, we have a special evening exclusive for you!

We just heard about this from a representative at Hybrid Apparel, the manufacturer of the latest Sailor Moon T-shirts that have been selling exclusively in Hot Topic stores and online.

A men’s style T-shirt will be tested at Hot Topic in October (in stores and online)!

Below is a preview:

We hope male Sailor Moon fans will enjoy this addition to the T-shirts!

A quick note from Sailordees: So it seems the internet is abuzz with fans wondering why there is even a t-shirt for males!  While Sailor Moon is a show featuring female superheroes, it continues to be popular with both males and females.  Our Operation Moonrise survey results have always shown a ratio of about 60% females to 40% males – which is pretty significant!  Moon Chase has also been in contact with Hybrid Apparel since the tshirts were first released, and we had started up a discussion topic on our Facebook page for fans to share their thoughts (and one of the hot opinions was that there should be tshirts for males). This was actively read by Hybrid Apparel as well.  Even our staff is balanced evenly between males and females! We thank Hybrid Apparel as well as Toei Animation for making these tshirts available to the male fans of Sailor Moon!

5 Responses to “Moon Chase Exclusive! Men’s Sailor Moon T-Shirt Coming to Hot Topic”

  1. SailorSagittarius Says:

    I’m happy they are coming out with a men’s version of the t shirts. I wanted 1 so badly I actually bought the female version with only Sailor Moon on the front. I would’ve chosen a different design to be put on the males t shirts though. something more conservative with less of an array of colors. An action scene would be nice but I would still probably buy this shirt. I don’t see how I could wear the shirts in public without being made fun of the way society is currently. It’s easy for girls of course. I’ll probably just wear it around the appartment or as my pajama t shirt

  2. AnimeCloud – Hot Topic to Sell Sailor Moon T-Shirt for Men Says:

    […] [Via Moon Chase] […]

  3. StarCandy1998 Says:

    SailorSagittarius, I totally agree with you. It’s great that Hot Topic is coming out with male t-shirts, but the image they put on it isn’t really that appealing to guys. I’m not really sure why they think it might work out. Maybe it will. You never know. But if it was up to me, I would have put maybe a sexy version of Sailor Moon or some kind of bada$$ scene on it.

  4. sailor_disco Says:

    I’m personally excited about Sailor Moon t-shirts for guys and I like the design. I actually bought a girls shirt before this post but I’ll buy the guys version to support this kind of thing.

  5. Adarious Says:

    I disagree on the image comment, but then I’m not the average straight, everyday joe either. I didn’t think the white version of it looked so great and given the choice would have preferred black. Regardless, the male version of the shirt sold out quite swiftly and was never restocked for whatever reasons.

    Given that, I said the hell with it and got the girl/women’s version in a large enough size, which I have on now. For the cost I was expecting a higher quality material, but in terms of the image on it I quite like it. A lot of people seem to lean toward the Sailor Moon (Serena) only shirts, but frankly that doesn’t suit me. My favorites are Venus, Jupiter, and Luna. If I, as a guy, am going to sport SM stuff, I want my favorite characters to be displayed.

    With any luck they’ll expand on the men’s selection in the future, but for now, it is what it is.

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