Moon Chase’s Mother’s Day Special!

Happy Mother’s Day Moonies! In honor of this special day, we have decided to pay tribute to motherly figures from the anime from their loving children!

Queen Serenity

Thanks for saving my life with the power of the Ginzuishou! I fight for love and justice with beauty, honor and grace! I promise to continue to save the world just like you Mom! I ♥ you!

Princess Serena
P.S. I have never tripped in battle… that was…uhh… a Sailor Moon Imposter!


Stop smacking Daddy, Mommy! He’s not always dumb! How am I supposed to learn to be a good guardian? And why is Usagi still lazy? I like future mom better so I’m going to give this card to her . Still, have a Happy Mother’s Day ^_^.


Neo-Queen Serenity

Happy Mother’s Day Mama! I’m learning how to be a good Senshi and Moon Princess from your past self, but I miss the future :(. This Usagi is too dumb!

P.S. How is Luna-P?


Okasan, I wanted to buy you diamonds, but you probably get first pick from every shipment. So I got you flowers instead! Happy Mother’s Day! One day I will sell jewelry just as good as you!

P.S. Umino is not a nerd :[!

Dr. Mizuno

Mother, you are an inspiration to me to continue my studies to be the best doctor I can! I like it when we spend time together! Let’s bake cookies again sometime!

P.S. Next time face the nice man with the camera!

Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna

Biologically I have three mamas but Haruka is my poppa. I’ll just wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day! I wrote a violin concerto just for Michiru-mama, painted a model race car for Haruka-papa and used up all my savings to buy Setsuna a Rolex! Thank you for adopting me and helping Tomoe-papa out while he gets better!


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  1. Janette Says:

    Sooooo cute and insanely brilliant! Kudos! ^_^

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