Moon Chase’s Debut Best Sailor Moon Finds on eBay!

Here we bring you the most interesting Sailor Moon related items on Ebay! Some of these links may be expired, but we are sharing them with you nonetheless to show you just what interesting Sailor Moon merchandise has been created!

Best of the cheap items:

German Queen Beryl Doll – The Europeans had better merchandise than Irwin!

Most Expensive Item:
A Rare Artbook – We’ve seen these at conventions sell for between 50-100. This price is insane!


Sailor Moon Cels For Charity! -this kind user is selling a lot of cool Sailor Moon cels , with a portion of the final sale price being donated to Dachshund Adoption Rescue & Education (DARE)!

Best of the Rest:

Bandai Playdia – A console, a Sailor Moon video game, and an Ultraman videogame, at a dirt cheap price!

Chibi-Usa Cosplay and Karaoke Toy! for the Chibi-Usa fan in your life!

Sailor Moon Pizza Cycle! – Yes, you too can have toy pizza with Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon Cosplay Odangoes Headband – For all of us who don’t want to hurt ourselves trying to tie those things!

A lot – There’s some rare items not even we have heard of in here!

Sailor Moon Roulette Fortune Teller – Who needs a psychic to tell the future when you’ve got Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon Parking Sign – This would be funny to stick in a parking lot on April Fools’ Day!

A Gorgeous Sailor Moon Cel – Why must all the best cels cost so much :’(.

Sailor Moon Notebooks! – These will make you the coolest kid in school!

Original Nakayoshi Manga – A must for anyone who is a Sailor Moon Manga Buff!

Most of the Mixx Comics – Look soon for a story on Tokyopop on this site!

Rare Keychains – Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon rare set!

Sailor Moon Rain Coat! Don’t you wish you were seven years old so you could wear this to school?

Sailor Moon Styling Dolls – way better than playing with a Barbie!

A Rare Cel from the SS Movie – that perfect addition to any fan’s collection!

A puzzle! We aren’t quite sure what part of the world this one comes from!

This ends our inaugural Ebay scavenge! Moon Chase will be trying its very best to post one biweekly!

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