Momoiro Clover Z/KISS Collaboration


What do you get when you cross a American Rock Icon with a popular J-pop band? A rather interesting collaboration. Recently Momoiro Clover Z who is known for their song “Moon Pride” from Sailor Moon Crystal made a recent collaboration with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and Rock Legends, KISS (who happen to be one of the authors favorite bands) to do a song and a recent music video of their new song “Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina” while KISS also made a song with them entitled “Samurai Son”.

In a video that was on youtube showed the two meeting as well as making the video as well as showing the girls judging by their body language and a video of them in KISS makeup as huge fans of the group and seemed both bands enjoyed working with one another on this collaboration.

For those who aren’t familiar with KISS, KISS is the band who has been around since 1973 and are well known for their over the top makeup, costumes, stage show and rocking tunes from “Detroit Rock City”, “Rock and Roll All Nite”, “Calling Dr. Love” to name a few. All these helped propel the band to becoming one of rock’s well known and famous icons today. During the bands last night of their Japanese leg of their tour in Japan at the Tokyo Dome their special guests will include Momoiro Clover Z on March 3rd.

For those who are curious, here is their music video for everyone’s viewing pleasure and also KISS themselves made their version of the song as well. Enjoy Moonies 🙂 : “Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina”

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