Minor Character Voice Strikes it Big!

And Doesn’t Forget His Roots!

Once again, a minor character is striking it big in the anime industry! Daisuke Sakaguchi (picture courtesy itmedia.co.jp) played a few minor characters in Sailor Moon; his most well known one being that of Kyuusuke Sarashina, a friend of Chibi-Usa’s. He is currently starring as Akira Nanase, a college student who is both the butt of many jokes and friend to Toya Fujii in a new anime called White Album. This anime is a slice-of-lifer about Toya trying to keep in touch with his drifting girlfriend Yuki, who is attempting to pursue an idol career. The first volume was just released in Japan on DVD and Blu-Ray, and had a special feature included, “White Album Concert”. Show star Nana Mizuki and pop singer Suara sang their OP and ED songs at the event, and then the cast members took the stage for “Talk and Game”. One of the first questions that they were asked was what their first anime voice role was, and Daisuke named his first two – V Gundam and Sailor Moon! And poking around at his credits, he has sure come a long way since his days on Sailor Moon, with many roles in anime, Japanese dubs of US cartoons, video games, and anime movies! As of this writing, Crunchyroll has a few of the episodes subtitled online, but there has been no announcement of a license for release in North America.

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