Merry Christmas Readers!

The entire staff of the Moon Chase Blogs Network wishes all of our readers the best of the Holiday Season! This was a huge year for us and we wouldn’t have persevered with our ventures without our readers! In May of this year, we began the first part of a campaign to bring Sailor Moon back to the North American market, which lasted around 6 months. We can now tell you that the reports are currently making their way around important people, and we want to thank every reader that participated in the campaign for their support. Your voices are being heard and both companies are very aware of how much we all want the show back! In July of this year, we expanded from Moon Chase and added We Got The Solution, a blog devoted to the TV show Flashpoint. Though we may not always have time to keep up with our blogs, we are forever grateful that our readers come back to read when we do get around to posting! We want to thank the stars and crew of both shows for their support, and to congratulate you on your milestones this year! We wish you all the best and continued success in the New Year! Thanks to all of the sites around the world who have linked to stories that we have posted, and we only hope that we can continue to keep up the good work! And last but not least, a special thanks to all of our staff’s family, friends, and colleagues who gave us that extra kick of support when we needed it most – it means a lot to each of us!

Warmest wishes for the Holiday Season,
The Staff of The Moon Chase Blogs Network.

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