Megan Fox Wants to See a Live Action Sailor Moon Movie

Megan Fox as April O'Neil

Megan Fox, on the set of the latest live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie directed by Michael Bay, said in an interview that she would like to see a live-action Sailor Moon movie.

When asked to list possible cartoons she would like to see turned into live action movies, she responded with:

Gundam Wing,” … adding she’d love to see a Jurassic Park remake in the works. “Pacific Rim was sort of a Gundam Wing situation, but they should do it. What about Thundercats?”

Or maybe, she says, Sailor Moon.“That could feasibly be made into a live action movie,” mulls Fox. “I don’t know how many Americans were into that. I was into that, but I don’t know how huge it was here.”

When we shared this news on our Facebook page, fans immediately seemed upset and took this news to mean that Megan Fox wants to play the part of Sailor Moon if there is a live-action, English language film.

Although it is implied that Megan would like to be involved in such a project if it happens, I think we can all agree that she is not the right fit for any of the protagonists. The Sailor Senshi are a fair bit younger, and fans would generally prefer actresses more suitable for those roles (actresses who either are teens or who can convincingly play teens).

If Megan Fox does get involved, we think maybe a possible role as a villain might work … but we hope that regardless Michael Bay is not involved!

Also, as fans have pointed out – it seems that Megan Fox is unaware of the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series that aired in Japan. Perhaps her mention of live action Sailor Moonwill encourage fans to seek it out and see if they like it for themselves.

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(thanks to Rina Love for the tip)

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