Meet the Staff of Sailor Moon Crystal

Last week, Sailor Moon’s official site posted a countdown to a sneak peek at the new Sailor Moon anime. One day after the countdown went up, however, the promotional image was leaked online. A little after that, the official site removed the countdown and gave us our first look at Sailor Moon Crystal!


                Reaffirming the July release date, the new artwork is a gorgeous first look at the new show. The summary on the website also reiterates that this is a new series that starts right at the beginning, where crybaby Usagi Tsukino one day meets a mysterious black cat named Luna who tells Usagi she is Sailor Moon, a guardian with a mission to find the lost Moon Princess and the ‘Illusionary Silver Crystal’ along with the other guardians.

You know the story, and you know the Sailor, so now let’s introduce you to some of the staff.


Director-Munehisa Sakai

His notable works include directing several episodes of Heartcatch Precure and Smile Precure, as well as the series Suite Precure.  He has also directed two One Piece movies and done work on several more Dragon Ball Z films.


Producer-Atsutoshi Umezawa

Producer of Smile, Suite and Heartcatch Precure, he has also done planning work on multiple One Piece movies. As well as episode direction on Marmalade Boy and Fist of the North Star.


Series Composition/Scripts-Yuji Kobayashi

His works include writing scripts for Suite Precure, Heartcatch Precure, Saint Seiya Omega and Aoi Bungaku.


Character Design-Yukie Sako

His most recent claim to fame is being the chief animation director on Majestic Prince and the Stony Cat, and Nyan Koi, but he has also done key animation on Pretear and Uta no Prince-Sama.


Art Directors-Takashi Kurahashi and Yuki Hosaka

Takashi has done art design and directing for Air the Movie, Digimon Xros Wars, Mononoke and Gatchaman Crows. Yuki has also worked on Gatchaman and Mononoke, as well as background art on Comic Party and Gravitation.


Quite the mix we have there! This appears to be a promising roster for a fantastic new anime.

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