Meet the Staff: Emily

Name: Emily (real name) or Lanisatu (nickname)
Position: Writer and Behind the Scenes Helper
I Have Been a Sailor Moon Fan Since: late August, 1995
Favorite Episode or Movie: The Sailor Moon R movie
Favorite Sailor Moon Character: I’ve always liked Sailor Moon’s honesty and her ability to see the good in everyone.
Other Anime or Manga I like: Ghost in the Shell, Gunsmith Cats, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Marmalade Boy, Mars, My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Peach Girl, Pretty Face, RahXephon, Spirited Away, Witch Hunter Robin, and others I’m probably forgetting.
Other tidbits: I run Sailor Moon Snipits, which has been online since 1998; I co-run a Sailor Moon guild on Neopets called Guardians of the Moonlight; and I write and illustrate a fantasy comic series for teens called Green Corner, which has an art style that is somewhat influenced by Sailor Moon and Dan DeCarlo (Archi Comics). Oh, and I’m Canadian 🙂

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