May Survey Update – Version 3 Now Added

Hello moonies! We are really close to the end! We are really pleased that you have continued to keep the surveys coming in. We do have one concern however, and that is the impression that the survey is for people who have bought merchandise and are responding to their purchases. We would like to remind fans that the survey is for everyone, and we would also like to hear from fans who have not bought any merchandise to find out what their opinions are so we can pass them on.

We have now launched a third version of the survey for fans to fill out. We revised the survey again to include some of the most recent merchandise additions (like the new Sailor Uranus t-shirt). We hope to have several more comments on that t-shirt, so it is around the same as the others (which have hundreds each). We did not get as many comments on our Facebook photo as we had hoped. This photo has now been deleted (but all of your comments have been saved and retained, and they will count when we do our final tally). For those fans who wish to have the prices handy as they fill out the survey, they are as follows (note that all of these products are manufactured by Hybrid Apparel, except for the costume which is manufactured by Leg Avenue):

T-Shirts – Hot Topic prices start at $22.50

T-Shirts – FYE prices start at $16.99

Hoodies – Hot Topic prices start at $49.50

Long Sleeved Raglan Shirts – Hot Topic prices start at $26.50

Costume – Hot Topic prices start at $60.00

We have also revised the survey to include these prices for the fans to make it easier for them as they fill it out.

Right now, the current merchandise releases are the only items that are licensed for the anime versions of the Sailor Moon characters. We are aware that fans are tired of seeing merchandise without the anime at this point – we understand the situation and we do welcome comments on the very last question with respect to this. Please make sure not to specifically ask for aspects of the anime’s release (such as on DVD/BD, TV, actors etc.). We have already completed many surveys to show that there is heavy demand for it as well as what formats the anime should be released on. However, it is okay to comment that you are not motivated to buy anything because the anime has not been re-released yet. Overall, this survey will speak volumes on what is working and not working in respects to the merchandise, so once again we would like to ask Sailor Moon fans to take it!

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