Major Convention News!

Hey Moonies – quite possibly some of the biggest Sailor Moon Seiyuu are on their way to North America! Animazement in Durham, North Carolina takes place May 23-25th of this year, and we were pleased to read (pictured from left to right) Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailor Moon), Keiko Han (Luna in both PGSM and the anime) and Akira Kamiya (Professor Tomoe) will be amongst their Japanese Guests! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any of us can make it but we encourage fans who are going to send us an email with pictures or movies along with whatever happened. If you have a video to upload and don’t have a place for it, we can definitely arrange for that (and we will still give you credit). This is an amazing and rare opportunity and we recommend fans who can go to this convention do try to make it!

EDIT: We missed one! Yasuo Yamaguchi, a producer of the animated version of Sailor Moon will also be appearing. Both Akira and Yasuo have been to Animazement before, and fans looking to read an interview conducted by fans with those two, along with Chika Sakamoto (Sailor Star Healer) should click here!

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